KING MASTINO is founded in 2008 by Massi (former Fall Out), Alessio and a bunch of local musicians.

In late 2008 the project gets a defined shape with Paolo Gnaga on guitar and Jozef Somojii on drums; with this line up the band writes the first songs, starts to play some concerts and gets the chance of a first tour in the south of Italy.
At the same time they record the first 7”, titled "Rock For Sailors", displaying a cover image related to sea and to maritime life: two crossed anchors, that suddenly become King Mastino's logo and some kind of “signature”.
“Rock For Sailors” is welcomed by good reviews.

During summer 2010, a few time before the recording of the first full length album, Jozef leaves the band.
King Mastino enters the studio with a new line up, introducing Gianmarco Petrucci on drums, but at the end of the recording session, Paolo decides to leave the band too.
The full length is released under the name of "Rock For Sailors", keeping the same title of the previously released 7". Mattia Roffi replaces Paolo and the band begins to tour playing “Rock For Sailors” songs live; showcasing a very rough and sharp sound (someone might relate it with the "Aussie Garage" sound) that defines King Mastino’s style.
A meltin’ pot of influences based on bands like Radio Birdman and Celibate Rifles, but also Stooges, MC5 and Hellacopters .
“Rock For Sailors” gets good reviews on some of the most influent national rock magazines and by the end of the year King Mastino is the support band for The Bloodlights (former Gluecifer) Italian tour.
Meanwhile, two of their songs appear in two different compilations, one for American market, the other one for the Spanish one.
So far,King Mastino records were produced by "Surfin Ki Records".

In 2011 there is enough material to record a new album, "Hold Fast", produced by two different labels: the CD version is realeased by"Area Pirata" , the vinyl version by "White Zoo Record".
Thanks to several concerts through Italy, great reviews from magazines and ’zines and a growing amount of fans, King Mastino get the chance to share the stage with big names of rock like The Joe Spencer Blues Explosion and they cross national borders for a 4 gigs tour in Prague, Dresden, Berlin and Wolfsburg.
The “Hold Fast” tour goes great and gives the band the chance of lots of gigs in Italy.
In 2012 King Mastino travels around Europe: Holland, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Spain to promote the release of some brand new 7"records: “Hometown” (side by side with their friends Gonzales from Trieste), “Ain't Nothing To Fade”/”Broken Heart” (split with the The Dead Popes - USA) and “Don't Mess Aroun With Sailors” (teaming up with The Sewergrooves - SE). The year ends with three concerts in Switzerland.
2012 is a year full of live activity: a challenging Spanish tour during spring and some concerts in Italy (highlighted by the opening acts for Mondo Generator, Dictators and The New Christs).

The next year King Mastino hit the studio again to record their third full length album "We Refuse To Sink", facing the challenge to confirm and improve the sound of the band. The album is warmly welcomed by critics and audiences around the world, making King Mastino known more and more by the European garage-rock scene and taking the band playing more and more gigs across Europe.

By the end of 2014, a new line-up change occurs: after two years and a half Mattia sadly leaves the band.
He plays his last show on Christmas day in a full packed Skaletta Rock Club.

New year leads to a new change for King Mastino: Holly joins the band on guitar.
2015 opens with three concerts in Switzerland and in March the band starts a 2 weeks tour in Spain, where they make their first TV appearance with a 30 minute live for Spanish TV (RTVE) hosted by the show "Los Conciertos de Radio 3 en La 2." The band is well known and really appreciated in Spain: four out of ten shows in Iberia go “Sold Out” several days before the gig takes place.
The first edition of "We Refuse To Sink” goes “sold out” and gets reprinted.
A few months later the other two full length albums will face the same thing.

Summer 2015 starts with the recording of the fourth full length : "Sail Away" (it will be released in November); as the previous album it’s recorded and mixed at TUP Studio in Brescia by Brown Barcella and his amazing skills.
In July 2015 King Mastino share the stage with legends Radio Birdman, achieving a dream that comes true.
The new album is produced by 5 labels, 4 for the various European editions and 1 for the USA version.
Meanwhile, a fans built facebook page called "King Mastino International Sailors" gets more than 500 “likes” in just a few days.
As witness of their continuous growth the band actually is booked and “gig-managed” by Otis Tours and two months before the "Sail Away" release, the single "Psychowhale" enters the top 29 chart of “ most played new songs” on Radio Stockholm.

There’s not only the band work behind the “King Mastino universe”, but also the help of friendly people and professionals who put their work, patience and friendship side by side to us to reach a shared goal.
They’re so many and we thank’em all.

These people played with King Mastino: James Iorio, Claudio Ceretti, Paolo Gnaga, Mattia Roffi, Jozef Somojii.